Lantern Ghost Tour – Pentridge Prison.

We all know that Melbourne is the most livable city in the world. So much so that some souls just refuse to leave.

Lantern Ghost Tours offer some of the most insightful and terrifying ghost tours in Victoria. Victoria Discovers was invited one night to attend a Ghost tour of Pentridge prison in D division …

Standing outside an abandoned prison in the darkness of the night, we nervously waited for our guide to materialize. A man and a woman congregated the group together to describe the history and mystery of Pentridge Prison…

The tour begins outside where unknowing residents casually walk past an unmarked grave unbeknowing of the deceased convicted criminals that are forever resting below the ground.

Once the tour moves inside the prison, the eeriness intensifies. Your senses are heighten so make sure to keep your eyes and ears open. For somethings may not appear to be as they should…

Floors of cells lay empty waiting to be investigated but are you brave enough to check them out? Who were their occupants back when the Prison was in commission and could they still possibly be lingering around their old bedrooms?

Walk in the footsteps of the condemned as you stand by the gallows where 11 souls took their last breath. Where they all guilty of their crimes? Are any of them able to rest in peace?

This well researched experience is a perfect balance of factual history and the mysterious unknown. While the educated tour guide will provide you with information regarding the prison, its staff and occupants. There is a strong possibility you will leave with more questions than answers. Believer or skeptic this is one place you don’t want to be alone in the dark.


  1. What a brilliant tour! I hadn’t heard of that tour before, but through this competition I’m going to do it whether I win or not!

  2. Love love love spooks. “D” sell freaked me out years ago during the day and would now live to experience it at night with my niece. I think she inherented the goolish life from me.

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