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Aladdin Junior

Victoria Discovers was this afternoon very kindly invited to watch and review The Fab Nobs Junior Production of Disney’s Aladdin Jr.

A purpose built theatre set in an industrial estate in Bayswater is the home to Fab Nobs Theatre Inc. This compact yet fully functional theatre was transformed into Agrabah to tell a tail of a “Dimond in the ruff”

Director and set designer Maeghan McKenzie has brought the Magic of Disney alive on stage with the inclusion of the much loved magic carpet flying around the stage. Though it was the beautiful voices and stage chemistry of Sasa Nikolic (Aladdin) and Madison Dennis (Jasmine) that really brought the much loved Classic into “A whole new world”.

The fabulous costumes created by Dee Skinner and Lyn Strickland, sparkled like stars on an Arabian night. With special mention going to Michael Roskam (Sultan) who stole the hearts of every audience member.

Following in the footsteps of Hollywood royalty Robin Williams and Will Smith, Grace Burns (Genie) had some enormous shoes (or should we say lamp) to fill. Through her “phenomenal cosmic” performance of talent and ability. Grace was able to make the role of the Genie a person that everyone would want to befriend.

An amazing cast filled with fabulous dancing and note perfect Harmonies. Teamed with a dedicated crew that set a scene (and cave) of wonder. Brought this desert story to life. Congratulations to all at Fab Nobs Junior for such a brilliant show.

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