Catch Me If You Can

Victoria Discovers was invited to attend Wendy Samantha Productions performance of the motion picture and smash hit Broadway musical “Catch Me If You Can”

Set in the 1960s, the FBI start a man hunt to find America’s most notorious con artist. Producer Kathrine Zingirs and director Wendy Samantha together with a fantastic cast (of ages ranging from 10 to 25 years). Paired with a live orchestra (conducted by Matthew White), which included a sunglasses wearing brass section. Showcased the smoothest game of cat and mouse that has ever hit Albert Park.

The razzle dazzle choreography created by Ashley Nicole Grottoli. Included ballet, jazz which displayed the dancing abilities of the entire company. With special mention to the brilliant tap number performed by John Ninis (Frank Abagnale Sr), Johnny D’Arco (Agent Carl Hanratty) and Harvey Devlin (young Frank Jr).

Gui Groffin (Carol Strong) and Laura Wilcox (Paula Abagnale) delivered stong and powerful vocals whilst holding and maintaining perfect accents. Whilst Meg Wagner (Brenda Strong) performed a beautiful note perfect rendition of Fly, Fly Away.

Playing the lead role (of Frank Abagnale Jr) Stefano Burato brought confidence, charm and charisma to the FBI’s most wanted man. Stefano’s natural stage presence and flawless delivery brought a new dimension to the complex character.

Every member of the cast, crew and production team have put in so much time and effort to produce such a brilliant performance. Congratulations to the whole company on such a fabulous production.

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