Yes, Prime Minister – Frankston Theatre Group

Based on the much loved British television sitcom, Director David McCall and FTG (Frankston Theatre Group) have brought the small screen to the stage at Mt. Eliza Community Centre.

A fantasticly constructed and detailed set transports the audience to Chequers Court (Chequers), the British Prime Minister’s country retreat based 65 km from London. The Prime Minister and his (mostly) loyal staff are faced with a cocktail of disasters that they must try to rectify before any journalists finds out!!!!

A comedy full of fun that sees the British upper class able to keep their stiff upper lip no matter what problems they come up against.

Victoria Discovers would like to give a special mention to Rob Davies (playing Sir Humphrey Appleby) who gave an impeccable long, word perfect, most confusing political answer as to how not to answer a question. Which lead to him receiving a very well deserved round of applause.

Well done to the whole cast and crew and to all who were involved with the production of Yes, Prime Minister.

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