Altona Homestead – Ghost Tour

On a cold, wet, winters night. The Victoria Discovers team met up with Lantern Ghost Tours to be guided around Altona and its original Homestead. What we all learnt that night is that there is no place like home, no matter how long you have been dead for ….

The rain bounced and the wind blew, though it takes more than bad weather to stop Lantern Ghost tours from exploring the spirit realm.

The tour started with a walk around Altona itself. Where we learnt that this hip and trendy Melbourne suburb has a deep and dark past that may still be alive in the present. We were told of heartbreaking tales that happened at the pier and its surroundings. Souls that were lost many years ago, that are still able to be felt (and sometimes seen) by those who are in tune enough with the other side.

Just like in the setting of the most frightening of horror films, we found welcome relief to get out of the storm and step into the homestead that once belonged to Alfred and Sarah Langhorne. Though I dont think that they were very impressed with us letting ourselves into their home uninvited in the darkness of the night. Especially when one team member thinks that she may have photographed Sarah watching us. And she doesn’t look very happy.

Altona Homestead was once a happy home where children played. Though the play time may not have ended just because the children died… Apparently these kids love nothing better than to play hide and seek or follow the leader. Therefore it is advised to check your car before you set off, as unwelcome stowaways have been known to hitch a ride…

One thing we know for certain. There is more going in in Altona after dark than this sleepy suburb would have you believe…..

Photography by Emma C-Cole

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