Chilled @ Mordy

There’s a place I know

where the cool kids go,

to escape the heat

and get an ice cream treat.

A huge range of flavours, that all look so good.

I’d gladly have them all, oh if only I could.

But wait just a moment as I look to my right.

A display full of donuts comes into my sight.

Hot jammy donuts and chocolate ones too.

Is this really a dream, that has just come true?

A selection of beverages now catch my eye.

Bubble tea and milkshakes, there’s so many to try.

For older less hip ones that can’t keep the pace,

They also have coffee to put in your face.

Happy with my choice I now take a seat.

And enjoy my indulgence with the weight off my feet.

If you’re pressed for time and have commitments at bay.

Fear not my dear friend, Chilled @ Mordy do take away …

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