Silver Circus is back in town…

No matter how old you are there is an excitement that is created just from hearing the word ‘Circus’. Spotting a big top at the side of the road sparks up adrenaline and awakens the soul…

Established over 40 years ago, Silvers Circus continues to evolve and broaden its horizons, constantly adding and tweaking the show to keep it as fresh and exciting as the day that it first opened. And nothing says evolution like a dinosaur!!!!!

Make sure to arrive early to take a walk amongst the prehistoric beasts, before taking your seats for “showtime”

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls prepare to be amazed, bewildered, captivated as Silversl Circus delivers “the best show in town”

Demonstraring strength and agility, passion and performance and some out right craziness.

It can only be the one and the only “Silver Circus “. Make sure to catch them before they leave town. Currently located at Nunawading but only until 1st September.

Photography by Lauren Gerner

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