Breathe Better Salt Rooms


There are times when we all feel a little bunnged up. Be it after travelling, the weather, allergies or even more serious conditions such as cystic fibrosis, asthma and other respiratory disorders. Breathe Better Salt Rooms invited Victoria Discovers to one of their dry salt therapy sessions.

Being led into a white and bright room, I took a seat on a massage chair, put my feet up and waited for the experience to begin.

The lights were turned off leaving just the general glow of salt lamps and a fish tank. As the massage chair vibrated, the relaxing music gently played and the salt filled the air. I was able to sit back and enjoy watching the carefree fish swim happily in their tank.

For long term goals its suggested that salt therapy treatment takes place at least 3 times per week for maximum relief. Call Breathe Better Salt Rooms for more information on their range of membership plans they have available.

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