Paint For Fun

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Paint for fun is a no pressure art class, that has been created for one reason and one reason only; To forget about everything and simply enjoy painting.

Can you remember a time when painting was the only thing that mattered in the whole wide world? Can you remember the last time you felt such enthusiasm to just forget about everything and just be creative? If you have forgotten, try looking into the eyes of a 4 year old about to paint a picture. That right there is the true meaning of enjoying the moment that you are in.

If you want to feel the joy and excitement that only painting can bring, then Paint for Fun is just for you. All materials are provided and class begins with the “teacher” (who is happy for you to drink alcohol) stands at the front and provides step by step suggestive instructions for you to interpret how they see fit. There is no right or wrong, only creativity.

The idea is that each painting will be your own interpretation, depending upon your own imagination and skill set.

FYI one representative of Victoria Discovers that attended the class had not picked up a paintbrush since their school days. Even they really enjoyed the experience and produced a piece of artwork that they described as “good enough to put up on the fridge”.

If you are looking for a completely different way to relax and have fun, either with friends or by yourself, check out the huge range of different classes available with “Paint for fun”.

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