Chelsea Heights Hotel

Thank you to everyone who has been sending in suggestions for family restaurants throughout Victoria that you would like the Victoria Discovers team to go and discover. We have had an overwhelming response so far but please keep sending them in as discovering is in our name.

We have had many of you suggest the Chelsea Heights Hotel. Therefore, at the peoples request, we sent some Victoria Discovers representatives to check it out.

The following review is provided by one of our younger representatives, who loves nothing more than fun and adventure.

Ok, so today’s discovery for the Victoria Discovers team was the Chelsea Heights Hotel. When we were given our briefing, it was mentioned that one Victoria Discovers reader had emailed in to say that The Chelsea Heights Hotel had “an incredible Kids area”. As the younger members of the Victoria Discovers team, we knew that it was our duty to check it out.

We pulled into the large free car park with plenty of spaces, which the older representatives were delighted about. Why is it that adults really do get so excited about the strangest of things?

Anyway, while the older representatives were over the moon about “parking the car”. We younger representatives were busy looking at the large impressive glass dome. Now we had been instructed that we were going to checkout a bistro, however, this was looking more like we were going on an expedition into the jungle. Like all great explorers before us, we firstly examined our surroundings and quickly identified some animal tracks. We decided to followed them and they led us straight into “Stadium 1 Playground”.

Now there are play areas in bistros and then there is Stadium 1 Playground. Take a look at that huge slide…

With different levels to scramble up, obstacles to navigate over and huge slides to be zoom down. We knew we were in for a hole lot of fun. Stadium 1 Playground is in a separate room to the rest of the bistro. Therefore we were able to run around and make as much noise as we wanted to without judgement from, shall we say the older, less boisterous representatives of Victoria Discovers.

Speaking of which, they seemed happy to be able enjoy a light and airy tropical setting with a decent cup of coffee. Enjoying the much desired “5 minutes peace” that they are forever going on about.

To conclude, the Chelsea Heights Hotel is a good all round family bistro designed to keep energetic kids entertained.

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