Spot – Live on stage

CDP Kids invited Victoria Discovers to check out Spot live on stage. As it it aimed towards 18 months to 7 year olds, we sent one of our younger representatives to review the play.

Being a huge fan of Spot the Dog, and may I add very proud owner of many of the works by beloved author Eric Hill. I was very excited about seeing my favourite lovable pup jump out of the pages and appear live on stage before my very eyes. I was really going to see Spot the Dog and I couldn’t wait!!!!!

In the main lobby there was a merchandise stall selling Spot books and different size Spot the Dog plush toys.

Although, I must admit I was a little nervous at first walking into a real life theatre. I quickly realized that I had nothing to be worried about. Spot obviously knows his crowd and knew exactly how to cater for us. The adults can’t really expect a room full of pre-schoolers to stay quiet and sit still through the whole performance can they?

The play is about Spot and his best friend Helen (who happens to be a hippopotamus) helping Spot’s dad to find all the farm animals that had escaped, and put them back to bed.

This 50 minute performance is filled with songs, puppets, audience participation and of course the main puppy himself, the one and only Spot the Dog. If you are an avid theatre goer or if this is your first ever live performance. You will be welcomed with open arms (or should we say paws) on this lovable adventure with the lovable pup.

Spot will be back touring around Victoria in November. Please see CDP Kids website for dates and venues and also to purchase tickets.

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