Moonlit Sanctuary – Night Tour


Victoria Discovers is a huge fan of Moonlit Sanctuary. An intimate wildlife park filled with native Australian animals and the chance to hand feed kangaroos. However, Victoria Discovers went to check out the night time tour to see who comes out after dark…

The tour starts in the visitors centre where there is a well stocked gift shop selling an assortment of Australian wildlife merchandise.

We were then introduced to ‘Pug’ a very friendly Python who loves nothing more than a big cuddle. Though we must stress, snake handling is completely optional.

Our tour guide handed out the lanterns and the group were led outside to discover the creatures of the night.

The tour takes around 2 hours to complete and involves heading into some of the animal enclosures to hand feed and come face to face with these incredible native creatures. From wombats to Koalas, tawny frogmouths to sugar gliders. The Moonlit Sanctuary night time tour is a must for every animal lover to experience.

Though Victoria Discovers will always have a special place in our hearts for a Joey in a pouch.

They are just too cute…

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