Seaford North Reserve

Here at Victoria Discovers, we love nothing more than when you guys “Tell us where to go”. So when one Victoria Discovers reader told us Seaford North Reserve had had a full makeover, we sent some of our younger representatives over to check it out and report their findings…

Being a preschooler, I have found that my priorities can differ somewhat from some of the more mature (just a polite way of saying old and boring) representatives of Victoria Discovers would be.

For example, on a recent venture over to Seaford North Reserve. The “more mature” Victoria Discovers representative got overly excited about the fact that there was free parking, a bbq and a fully enclosed play area. Apparently fully enclosed play areas are rarer and even more impressive than unicorn poop. Anyway, while she was happy looking at fences, I had some serious inspections to carry out.

So the first thing that I noticed about this play area was the amount of colour and space.

It’s all very well for a park to have equipment to play on. However, if you are going to invent a game of ‘Kings and Queens’ or ‘house’ or whatever game you are in the mood to make up that day, it’s very important to have space to move around and be creative.

Older people should never underestimate the importance of being able to run around. Just because older people enjoy sitting around looking at a coffee cup doesn’t mean we all do.

The next thing to catch my eye was the flying fox. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a huge swing fan and have spent many an afternoon kicking and tucking on a good old swing and yes this park does have swings too. However, holding on for dear life while whizzing past at 100km on a flying fox is something that dreams are made of. And this bad boy had my name written all over it.

Next on the list is some climbing equipment. With spiders webs, bridges and scrambling walls, this place seems to have a challenge for every skill set.

Though smaller children may need some assistance as there are some firemans poles with some rather large drops. Some young children may find these a little too challenging.

In conclusion, Frankston Council have done an excellent job in restoring Seaford North Reserve. There are still the much loved football and soccer posts at the back for ball play.

Though for imaginative scrambling, sliding and flying this is a great place to simply run about and be a kid.

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