Old Melbourne Ghost Tours


Melbourne is known as the most liveable city in the world. With its multicultural influences showcased throughout the entire city. It’s easy to see why every Victorian beams with pride when it comes to our beloved Melbs. However, our incredible and inclusive Melbourne has not always been the safeguarded place that we know and love today.

Its past is full of dark shadows that some would prefer to just disappear as they slip through the hands of time. Others however seek to shine light onto the darkness of the past and expose the chilling figures of old. Be them victims or villains, the ghosts of Melbourne all have their own stories that they are dying to share….

On a perfect cold, wet, dark night; Lantern ghost tours invited Victoria Discovers to accompany them on one of their world famous old Melbourne Ghost Tours. The living may prefer to stay out of the rain but its when the heavens open that the spirits love to come out to play…

The 90 minute tour of Melbourne’s famous lanes and buildings exposes a dark and terrifying Melbourne that would normally hide in plain sight.

Be introduced to some of it’s boastful residents that love nothing more than to show off their work and creations.

Or how about spending some time with the locals in a Q and A session. They are dying to answer your questions. If you are brave enough to ask them of course…

The cursed child of Harry Potter is not the only resident currently residing at The Princess Theatre. After his performance of his lifetime, the Phantom of the Opera is still refusing to leave.

Lantern Ghost Tours has created an incredible historically researched walking tour that will make you see Melbourne in a whole new light. A light that brings the past back to life, though some may say the past never actually died at all…

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