Mrs Parma’s

One of the questions we are continually being asked here at Victoria Discovers is “where is good to eat in the city?”. The short answer is everywhere. Every eating establishment in the CBD has it’s own unique quality. Even Maccas do a decent coffee. Today however, Victoria Discovers was in the mood to get back to her roots with a good old Parma and a Pot. So we headed to one of our favourite Parma joints. The clue is in the name, Mrs Parmas.

This small yet spacious restaurant is as Aussie as it comes. Good food, well priced and with a great range of beers.

Though as they say, when in Rome or should we say; when in Mrs Parmas, go for a Parma. This is where our recommendation ends I’m afraid as choosing which Parma to have is a mission in itself. However, at the end of the day you can’t go wrong as they are all delicious.

Now this place treats its hops as well as its Parmas. It has a brilliant selection of locally sourced craft beers both on tap and in a bottle.

A Victoria Discovers tip for any theatre going lovies reading this. Mrs Parmas is a stones throw from Her Majestys Theatre (currently showing Charlie and the Chocolate factory), the Comedy Theatre and the Princess Theatre (currently showing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child). Though due to popularity, booking is highly recommended.

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