College Musical

Victoria Discovers were invited to attend Sandringham College’s production of Matilda the Musical.

Director Laura Washington’s imagination and leadership, Tim Clifton’s Musical Direction and Prue Slingsby and Stephanie McNally’s incredible choreography. Partnered together with company of over 120 pupils, Sandringham College have brought the magic of the London’s West End to Bayside.

The set and props, all built and esembled on site under the supervision of Laura Wahington and Jake kirby, create the background to Roald Dahl’s much loved classic about a young girl, her colourful family and her school that is run by fear by the evil, child hating headmistress.

Elizabeth Milkins plays a brilliant Matilda bringing both charm and mischief to the lead role as she carried out justifiable tricks on those that wronged her and those around her. Declan Farr (Mr Wormwood) and Maria England (Mrs Wormwood) demonstrated a balance of hysterical animation and comic timing as they played the love to hate parents of poor Matilda.

The iconic teachers Miss Honey and Miss Trunchbull stepped out of the pages of the original story. As Grace Dunnmoore was able to capture the sweet and caring nature of Miss Honey perfectly. While Kyle McKinnon brought the terrifying Miss Trunchbull thundering onto the stage.

Through song and dance, music and drama, talent and stamina; The hard work and commitment to excellence from every member of the company has brought pride to themselves, their parents and to their school.

Congratulations to the everyone involved in creating such a fantastic musical production.

Tickets are still available, however, they are selling fast. Please see school website above for remaining avalibility.

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