The Ghosts of the Old City Williamstown

Before the days that Batman claimed Melbourne (a true story Google for further details), the Capital of Victoria was King William’s Town or Williamstown as we know and love it today. Lantern Ghost Tours invited Victoria Discovers to join them on an expedition for the Ghosts of the Old City.

As the sun goes down it reveals another incredible Williamstown sunset. We can’t help but fall in love with this heavenly town with it’s picturesque harbour and charming bistros. Few can remember the hell that it used to be. No-one that hasn’t already died anyway…

The tour takes its participants down streets and lanes that’s used to be hangouts for the ladies the night and sailors docked on shore leave. There have been many reports over the years of bumps in the night along these parts…

The main highlight for Victoria Discovers was entering (with dowsing rods) the oldest morgue in Victoria.

This building is listed as a place of high paranormal activity. Victoria Discovers did have one of our teenage representatives attend this tour. She really enjoyed the experience and also chose to have a turn on the dowsing rods to connect with a young girl with a very sad story. Through she was accompanied by both of her parents. She knew that she was able to leave at any point if she became frightened.

Children aged 8 and over are permitted to attend this tour. Victoria Discovers would suggest using your own judgement on your child’s sensitivity as some people can be spooked more than others (that warning does extend to adults too).

Lantern Ghost tours paints the upmarket Williamstown in a whole new (or should we say old) light. It’s red light history and dark shadows dont just disappear into the past do they????

Photography by Emma C-Cole

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