Quarantine Station Portsea


Back in the dark nights of the 1800’s, thousands of hopeful Europeans would board vessels in search of the promise of a new and better life . After spending months on rough seas, many would then eventually dock and take their first steps on Australian soil at the Quarantine Station in Portsea.

One such vessel was the Ticonderoga. Download the free audio descriptions and learn about how she set sail from Liverpool, England with over 800 hopeful immigrants aboard, however, it also brought with it the the world wide Spanish Flu Panademic. Killing over 200 on board and forcing the other 600 to stay confined to the quarantine grounds where only time would grant them their fate of either a new life that was promised or death.

Take time to explore the many buildings including the old hospital where so many hopefulls were aided in the fight for their lives.

With free entry, free parking, picnic facilities and toilets; Quarantine Station Portsea is an incredible free day out suitable for all age groups.

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