Victoria Discovers was invited by Frankston Theatre Group’s ACT II to review their performance of Patrick Hamilton’s Gaslight.

The scene is set in the living room of a 4 story townhouse in 19th Century London, home to Jack Manningham (Jack Ellis-Barr) and his wife Bella Manningham (Sophie-Daddo-Langlois).

A normal looking couple to the outside world, behind closed doors and away from the public eye, dark secrets and unthinkable evils roam freely undetected.

Director – Christopher Hollins, and his Assistant Director – Lachlan Casey-Roleff have together created an incredible production of the 19th Century thriller. The pair are able to take the audience on a enthralling and empathetic journey of the senses with the troubled characters on stage.

Jack Ellis-Barr brought a devious and menacing evil to Jack Manningham.

Whilst Braiden Barnard gave passion and bravery into a fearless justice seeking Rough.

Though it was the huge acting range of Sophie Daddo-Langlais that took the confused and tormented role of Bella to sensational heights and depths that could only be reached by an incredibly talented actress.

A fantastic cast, patnered with incredible direction, has produced a phenomenonal production of a much loved thriller.

Congratulations to the whole company. Your combined hard work and sensational talent has produced a show worthy of a standing ovation.

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