A Day Out With Thomas – Bellarine Railway

Day Out With Thomas – Queenscliff

Victoria Discovers was invited by Bellarine Railway to attend their “Day Out With Thomas”. We sent our very own die hard Thomas fan to check it out (Who just so happens to be a two year old boy)…

Ok, now their are people who say they like Thomas the tank engine. Then there are people, such as myself, who LOVE Thomas the tank engine. You name it, I’m all over it. The books, the toys, the clothes, the TV show. If I see anything related to Thomas or any of his friends in anyway, I become absolutely ecstatic and can’t contain my smile and excitement. That’s how I ended up with a pair of oversized second hand falling apart Thomas the tank engine slippers from the Op shop (but that’s another story for another day). Let’s just say, when it comes to Thomas the tank engine, I’m your man (Well toddler technically). When mummy told me I was going to meet the real Thomas, I think you might be able to imagine the complete euphoria I felt. FYI, mummy keeps telling everyone my reaction was the sweetest thing she had ever seen.

We arrived at a well sign posted free car park with plenty of spaces close to Queenscliff station. Mummy was super impressed about how easy and straight forward it was to park the car. Funny how grown ups get excited about the strangest of things like parking their car. However, I guess whatever makes them happy hey.

Anyway, we ventured over to Thomas land and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. They were all here Thomas, Henry the carriages, everyone plus so much to see and do and it was all Thomas themed !!!!!

The aroma of snags smelt so good. However, we had taken our own picnic as I can be a bit particular with what I want, and more importantly, when I want it. There were games to play, a maze to hide in and a fire engine to ride in. It was all so much fun.

But the best moment of my life was about to happen. The station master announced it was our turn to RIDE ON THOMAS!!!!!

The real Fat Contoller greated us on the platform. We watched Oliver bring Thomas into the station and I even had a chance to look at his engine.

We then we boarded the real Thomas the tank engine and took our seats in one of his carriages.

And WOW! It was even more incredible than I could ever have dreamed of. We choo chooed our way across the beautiful Bellarine countryside. Listening to our faithful friend whistle as we took in the magnificent views.

I will always remember my day out with Thomas being the best day of my life. Firstly because mummy took so many photos so it’s going to be impossible for me to forget as she said she is going to print them out and put them up everywhere. However more importantly, I will always remember my day out with Thomas because this is the day my dreams came true.

A Day Out With Thomas will be back in January making it the perfect Christmas present for any Thomas the tank engine fans. Tickets are available to purchase on the Bellarine Railway website.

Photos taken by Elizabeth Cunniffe

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