A Midnight Visit


The Undertaker invited Victoria Discovers for a Midnight Visit of The House of Usher to discover a place of madness and insanity. Forget everything you have ever experienced before, your senses will be opened to take a journey where dreams and reality are combined. A strange and dark world where nothing and everything makes sense.

On entry each visitor is given a wrist band and lead into a funeral parlour . As strange as it sounds standing in a coffin filled room is probably the most “normal” part of the tour. As from this point onwards things really get weird …

This unique and enthralling theatre experience can only be described as absolutely amazing. It is dark, it is interactive, it is gothic, it is sexy, it is scary, its immersive. It is certainly not for the faint hearted. And definitely not suitable for children youger than 15 years of age.

In the words of Edgar Allan Poe “Believe nothing you hear, And only half of what you see”.

Your journey into madness is calling are you crazy enough to answer?????

This must see event is only in Melbourne until the 3rd November. Make sure to book your tickets with the undertaker before your time is up ….

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