Gulf Station – Yarra Glen

In the days before the internet, electricity and even tractors. The Bell family, originally from Scotland, settled at Gulf Station back in the 1850’s. They put down their roots and called the place home.

Victoria Discovers was lucky enough to attend the Gulf Station on one of their special open days, where we were able to watch and encounter the sort of daily rituals the Bell’s would have had to endure. Using a toilet without running water was just the start the start of the story.

There were volunteers demonstrating the different forms of needle and spinning techniques that would of been used at the time.

Demonstrations of how fields used to be ploughed.

Woodsmen demonstrating the skill of chopping up a tree without a chainsaw.

As well as some more modern toys and motors.

We took our time exploring the old homestead including the old slaughter house.

And some old machinery from back in the day.

Though the highlight for the Victoria Discovers team was being able to actually go on a real horse and cart journey.

The Gulf Station in currently open on the first Thursday of each month between 10am and 2pm. Though so make sure to check out the National Trust website for up and coming open days.

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