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CLOC is known as being one of the best amateur musical theatre companies in Australia. The pressure is always on them to continue to produce shows of only the highest caliber in order for them to maintain their crown. Victoria Discovers is delighted to report that Mamma Mia is yet another fantastic and successful production for the much loved company.

Showing at the National Theatre in St Kilda, Mamma Mia is the story of a 20 year old girl (Sophie Sheridan) who invites 3 men (Sam Carmichael, Harry Bright and Bill Austin) to her wedding. Hoping she will instantly recognise one of them as her father so he is able to walk her down the isle. Unfortunately, her mother (Donna Sheridan) was never quite sure who Sophie’s father actually was and didn’t mention to any of them that she had fallen pregnant 21 years earlier. Oh and naturally the story is all told through the songs of ABBA. The curtain opens with Sophie (India Morris) singing ‘I have a dream’ which is where the magic starts and then continues throughout the whole production.

Brad Alcock’s (Lighting Designer) pure genius has brought the set of the Greek island into an incredible new dimension. Producing the illusion of moonshine and sunset ripples on the water in the background, transporting the audience to the Greek island paradise. Tony Toppi (Musical Director) has created pitch perfect harmonies for the entire company to accentuate an already talented cast. Whilst Brian Misson’s (Costume Director) insightful vision partners both 70’s glamour (and platforms) with relaxed beach attire. Though special mention has to be made to the super trooper lycra numbers and of course to the cast members that showcases them!!!!

The role of Sophie Sheridan was played by the phenomenal India Morris. Her strong, beautiful and powerful voice together with her magnificent dancing techniques brought wonderful stage presence with the other cast members. Partnered perfectly with Sky (Luke Bortignon) the chemistry between the pair was able to bring the house down with the magnificent rendition of “Lay all your love on me”.

Whilst Rosa McCarty gave Oscar winner Meryl Streep a run for her money playing the sensational Donna Sheridan.

This enormously talented company and crew was all brought together by Director Craig Wiltshire. Who has not only directed a sensational production but is also the choreographer for the fast and furious disco moves that had the entire audience joining in and “having the time of our lives, digging the dancing queen”

CLOC have once again proved themselves as being one of the greatest musical theatre companies in Australia. Thank you all for the music.

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