Tower Hill – Wildlife Reserve

30,000 years ago, Tower Hill was an explosive Volcano. Spewing out molten lava rivers and destroying everything in its path. Today however, the historic rocks of the past provide nature’s paradise. Just waiting to be explored and discovered.

As soon as Victoria Discovers turned into Tower Hill, we were hit with the splendour and majesty that this dormant volcano has left behind.

Visit the Worn Gundidj visitor centre and learn about the local indigenous cultures and history of the land

Pack a picnic and make use of the free BBQs, though the local Emus hope that you might share.

Be sure to go on one of the five self guided walks. Each walk has its own difficulty rating so you can choose which would be most suitable for your party.

This wildlife haven is filled with all kinds of native Australian wildlife including koalas, kangaroos, echidnas, emus plus many, many more.

With free parking, free facilities, free roaming wildlife and 30,000 history. Tower Hill is the ultimate adventure for a free day out.

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