Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village – Day


Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village is a time capsule of maritime life, set in the 1800’s.

Your journey begins by learning of the history of Warrnambool and how it got the name “Shipwreck Coast”.

Learn about the defences the town used to have pointed out to sea to keep those on land safe.

Check out the lighthouses used to warn ships of the dangerous rocks below.

Feed some of the animals and make sure to check out the famous Maremma Dog enclosure. http://www.warrnamboolpenguins.com.au/maremma-dogs

All before spending time in the amazing replica maritime village. Go and see the doctor;

Go window shopping for a new dress;

Look in the church;

There are so many buildings to check out in the whole village. And why not post a letter using a real red classic post box

This sensory museum is a must for any passing traveler of Warrnambool. Though we can’t stress enough to make sure you go to the Night show too!!!!

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