Set in the incredible Labassa Mansion in Caulfield North, Mansion is an experience that must be seen to be believed. Though we warn you now, your eyes may not believe what they see…

The story begins with a newly widowed woman and her two children moving into ‘The Mansion’ to start a new life after the tragedy they have all endured.

Though we quickly realise that new beginnings around old souls do not lead to a peaceful coexistence…

This incredible, eclectric, imaginative performance will take you on a journey you didn’t even know was possible to experience.

Moving from room to room, the story is brought to life through powerful dance and acrobatic performers. Some more expected than others.

Mansion is definitely not for the faint hearted. Victoria Discovers would not recommend Mansion for children and those of a sensitive nature. Those who are brave enough to enter, will experience a world where truth and mystery live side by side. You may jump out of your skin but we are certain you will have a scream …

Photos taken by Ben Vella and Emma C-Cole

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