Spooktober Luna Park – Haunted Fairy Tales


Victoria Discovers was invited to experience Spooktober at Luna Park. We have divided our review into two sections. Haunted Fairytales, which is aimed at children over 5 years old and Extreme Phobia, which is aimed towards adults and children over 12 years of age.

This review is based on the children’s haunted fairytales which we attended during the daylight…

Halloween has well and truly taken over Melbourne’s famous Luna Park. With fun and spooky decorations throughout the entire park and plenty of dressed up ghouls eager to say hello.

Victoria Discovers had a combo pass which included entrance to Haunted Fairytales and a wristband for unlimited rides, which we would strongly encourage for a full day/night of entertainment.

Haunted Fairytales is a haunted house with 8 different themed rooms based on 8 well known fairytales. All brought to life by interactive actors and spectacular UV lighting and make up.

The Little Zombies trick or trick trail is also included in the price of admission with plenty of lollys up for grabs with gold coin donations encouraged.

Be sure to take you camera as there are plenty of photo opportunities. If you are brave enough to stop and pose of course.

Dressing up is not mandatory though it is highly encouraged. With a competion running for the best dressed guest.

Spooktober Luna Park is a fun day/night out for any young Halloween enthusiast. Though it is only on until 3rd November. Therefore, you best get your scare on before the grim reaper appears to take Spooktober back to the other side ….

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