Melbourne Historical Crime Tours – Gangsters, Brothels & Lolly Shops

If you love Tommy Shelby and ‘The Peaky Blinders’, this is the tour for you. The Shelby family has nothing on the Lolly shop owners of 1900’s Melbourne and it’s ladies of the ‘Combine’ …

Victoria Discovers is a frequent visitor to Melbourne’s CBD. Though when Melbourne Historical Crime Tours invited us to attend their Gangsters, Brothels and Lolly shops tour, we had no idea of the seeded and dangerous past that the old city once held. And more importantly, how much of the history is hidden in plain sight.

One of the fascinating things about the tour is the amazing attention to detail that is pointed out. For example, the tree stump from the old Forest located in modern day Maddam Brussels lane. Though that is nothing compared to the stories of the lady the street is named after! Including her connection to royalty and her very expensive and legendary bed…

Or the stories of the sly grog and prostitution claims that came out of 17 Casseldon place. Or the nuisance in the back yard. (17 Casseldon today is a fabulous Gin Distillery called Little Lon serving delicious cocktails. Victoria Discovers is planning on going back to sample. We will keep you posted as to our findings….)

This factually accurate tour has been created by the painstaking research of decades of police reports, the officers who wrote them and of course the checkered characters that the reports were written about.

Melbourne Historical Crime Tours is a fantastic way to discover a Melbourne when a new erection on Little Lonsdale Street meant something very different to what it does today.