Sea Road Ferries – Foot Passenger

A couple of our Victoria Discovers representatives that live in the Southeast suburbs were invited to attend The Blues Train in Queenscliff. Rather than driving around the bay, they decided to sail across as foot passengers on Searoad Ferries instead…

Parking up at the dedicated ferry car park in Queenscliff. The ferries run on the hour every hour so the Victoria Discovers representatives decided to walk over for a cheeky pot at Morgan’s Beach Shack while they waited for the ferry to arrive.

Once onboard, we headed up to the passenger lounge to enjoy a local tipple whilst traveling to Queenscliff.

Looking out to sea, enjoying a locally brewed beverage is our idea of the perfect way to start a great night out.

Then after enjoying a great night on The Blues Train out and good night’s sleep at Circa 1902. We walked back to the boat to sail back to Sorrento. Whilst enjoying a coffee and a view.

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