The Blues Train

Victoria Discovers was recently invited to take a ride on The Blues Train in Queenscliff. Our Southeastern based representatives opted to leave their car in Sorrento ferry port car park. Taking the opportunity to walk over to Morgan’s Beach Shack for a drink while they waited to be foot passengers on the Searoad Ferry. Once they arrived at Queenscliff ferry port, they took the short walk to check into Circa 1902. A quaint hotel only a short walk to Queenscliff station where the world famous Blues Train was waiting for us to board.

Walking up to the station, we were greeted by a train full of excited blues lovers waiting to board.

The Blues Train is a reinstated historical locomotive that has 4 carriages and a different blues band/singer in each carriage.

Before we set off, we enjoyed a buffet supper that we enjoyed inside the train.

Drinks could be purchased on the platform and taken onto the train.

Though it is worth mentioning that the bar only accepts cash and there are no toilets on the train. Though you will be relieved to hear that there are facilities at each stop.

The Blues Train travels down the beautiful Bellarine Railway. With stops at stations where each carriages moves down the train to enjoy the next performer in the next carriage. Therefore every passenger, no matter where they start, will be able to enjoy all 4 performer’s.

The Blues Train is an incredible night out for any fan of the blues or live music. With incredible live music, beautiful scenery and the delights of an old locomotive. You’ll be singing the Blues all night long…


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