Congratulations Werribee Open Range Zoo on the Birth of baby Zebra Zari!

Victoria Discovers was so excited to hear about the birth of baby Zari! We couldn’t wait to head over to Werribee Zoo to see her.

The admission price to Werribee Zoo also includes a bus tour around the Savannah. Which is now the proud home to baby Zari.

We climbed aboard for our safari adventure.

This Zoo isn’t called ‘Open Range’ for nothing. A selection of animals are given free reign over the huge plains, which are only accessible to visitors via one of the frequently running buses.

Though on this occasion it was of course the Zebras that received the most attention.

There are also larger animals;

And more ferocious animals;

Though you will be glad to hear they are kept at a safe distance to avoid any visitor accidentally becoming lunch.

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