Stage Kiss – Peridot Theatre

What could be more awkward than having to kiss a stranger infront of a cast, crew and a paying audience? How about instead of having to kiss a stranger you had to kiss your first love instead? Your first love that you hadn’t seen for over 20 years…

Set in The Unicorn Theatre Mt Waverley Director George Werther has managed to bring the magic of the rehearsal room onto the stage. Capturing the nervousness of the actors during the auditions, the frustrations of a director with technical issues and the temper tantrums of ego’s battling to have their own way. Not wanting to give away any spoilers we did want to give a special mention of the incredible “look” at the end of the show. Simple dramatic genius.

Kate Bowers (She) was an absoulty delight to watch. Bowers skillfully captures hearts and imaginations of the entire audience as she lead us all on a journey filled with love, heartache, pleasure and pain. All the while keeping the audience in the palm of her hand.

Though the chemistry was set on fire by Colin Morley (He). Morley brought sex appeal to the role which took ‘He’ to become the sort of person all parents dread their child ever bringing home to meet . Morley’s stage presence and confidence was able to bring across a form of arrogance and enchantment to the character. Bringing both tenderness and grit to the troubled man. A brilliant actor displaying a range of incredible talent.

Stage Kiss has humor, passion, drama and suspense. Acted out by a superb cast. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew on such a brilliant show.

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