Legally Blonde The Musical – James Terry Collective

Victoria Discovers was invited to attended the opening night of James Terry Collective’s production of Legally Blonde The Musical and ‘Oh My God, Oh My God you Guys…’

Based on the novel by Amanda Brown and the 2001 Movie starring Reese Witherspoon, Legally Blonde is the story of a UCLA sorority president following her college ex-boyfriend to Harvard Law School on a mission to win him back and show show him that she really is a “Jackie and not a Marilyn”. However, Elle soon discovers that getting into Harvard Law School was just the beginning of her challenge.

Michael Ralph (Director/Choreographer) has captured the heart of the story by exaggerating the sub text of each character and their connections with each other. To reach for depths of interaction that has the audience constantly connected. Partnered with sensational choreography, Ralph has produced a high energy, dancing spectacular which is filled with “endorphins and happy people (that dont kill their husbands”.

The brilliant Broadway score was brought to life by the ear and talents of Musical Director Katie Weston. Whilst Costume Designer Jacinda Hill brought femininity into the pink.

A special mention has to be made to Crystal Hegedis (Brooke Wyndam) for not only her sensational performance but also her fitness at singing note perfect whilst completing a workout on stage. Without even breaking a sweat!!!

Though the star of the show was the magnificent Samm Hagen (Elle Woods). The whole audience fell in love with Hagen’s outstanding voice and performance. Fully deserving of the standing ovation which she received on opening night.

Victoria Discovers would love to congratulate every member of this super talented cast for all their hard work and abilities which have lead to Legally Blonde being one of the best (if not the best) musical that we have seen in Melbourne.

If you only see one musical this year make sure it’s Legally Blonde or Victoria Discovers will object.

All photo’s supplied by James Terry Collective

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