Woolrich Lookout

Hamer Arboretum

Situated within the R. J. Hamer Arboretum in the Dandenong Ranges, Woolrich Lookout offers incredible breathtaking views.

Venture through the trees to discover rolling hills and open meadows. With plenty of dog friendly walks, you are welcome to take your four legged friends too.

There is plenty of parking with 2 x BBQ’s and picnic tables available to use free of charge. Though it is worth noting that there are no bins so all rubbish must be taken home.

Some younger members of Victoria Discovers were delighted to discover, in their opinion, some of The best rolly polly hills in Victoria. In fairness to them they are pretty amazing hills to run/roll down.

For a beautiful, fun, free day out suitable for all ages, Woolrich Lookout is a discovery that should be made for yourself.

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