Polly Woodside


Victoria Discovers will tell you a tail. About a boat built in Belfast before it set sail.

The name of our vessel is Polly Woodside.

Though if she saw pirates, she’d do better to hide.

The pirates appear on the 1st Sunday of each month.

However check out our other review to hear of that bunch.

Back to our Polly and her story’s of old.

There all in the Museum of how she’s been bold.

Today you can venture onto her decks and below.

You may even see the Captain, if you do say hello

See Polly’s cabins and kitchens and how her crew lived at Sea.

You can even see where they went when they needed a wee.

A visit to Polly Woodside is surely a must.

It’s even free to enter if your a member of National Trust.

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