Abbotsford Convent

Built in 1838, the former Convent of the Good Shepherd used to be home to over 1000 women and children. Today however, it is home to over 100 studios, two galleries, cafes, radio stations to name a few. Victoria Discovers went discovering for ourselves…

As we entered Abbeyford Convent grounds, we couldn’t help but feel a beautiful sense of peace and space about the place. Which being only 4km from Melbourne’s CBD was most enlightening.

The chapel is still holding regular services and events and is open throughout the day to go in and visit.

It is also home to the museum which holds many artifacts and history of the buildings.

The Convent is also accessible to explore, though keep in mind that today many of the houses have been converted to workspaces.

The on site bakery still produces breads from the original 1901 oven. Made fresh each morning and available to purchase.

Victoria Discovers enjoyed walking around the 16 acres of historic buildings and gardens.

Entry is free though donations are welcomed. Abbotsford Convent is beautiful place to just be…

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