Ice Bar – Melbourne

Victoria Discovers was invited to the check out the coolest bar in Melbourne. So cool infact the whole bar is made of ice…

As we entered Ice Bar Melbourne, it was like being transported into a explorer’s paradise. With all kinds of discovery equipment situated throughout the room. Including a very large Yeti.

We were supplied with gloves, uggs and coats before entering into the ultimate winter wonderland.

There are a range of games to be played inside the Ice Bar including frozen ice hockey and frozen Tic Tac Toe

Entrance price does include snow gear and a cocktail or Mocktail, which are absolutely delicious. It is worth noting that additional drinks can be purchased, including shots which are served in glasses made of ice.

Once exiting the Ice Bar and back into ‘Charlotte’s Bar’, it was a welcome relief to see a range of liquors and hot drinks available to purchase to warm yourself up.

There is even dedicated seated to thaw out your fingers and toes whist discussing and refecting your epic journey into the bar of ice …

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