Scorned Women – Peninsula Summer Music Festival


Victoria Discovers was invited to attend Scorned Women’s performance at Hurley Vineyard as part of the Peninsula Summer Music Festival. For an evening of 17th century Italian wonderment.

Playing both the Hapsichord and the Organ, David MacFarlane transported the audience back in time to a beautiful and elegant European renaissance court. A time of art and liberation was once again resurrected as the soft percussion music radiated through the room.

The style and elocution of soprano (and recorder player) Louise Hunter-Bradley brought the splendour and majesty of the Royal Opera House right here to our very own Mornington Peninsula.

Though it was the pure emotion and talents and of Violinist Lizzy Welsh that enabled the Violin to tell a thousand stories of love, heartache, joy and anger with every note played.

This trio of incredible musicians tonight brought a classical 400 year old past alive as only ‘Scorned Women’ are able to do.

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