Puss ‘n Boots – Fab Nobs Theatre Inc


Victoria Discovers was invited to the opening performance of Puss ‘n Boots, performed by Fab Nobs Theatre Inc. The children’s musical adventure about castles, royalty and a very charismatic cat…

Fab Nobs Theatre is located in a converted unit on an industrial estate in Bayswater. It is clearly signposted from the main road and has plenty of free parking.

A well priced kiosk is avalible to purchase drinks and snacks, both before and during the shows interval.

Children are invited to sit, stand, sing and dance in the dedicated area in front of the stage. Whilst adults (and children who do not wish to sit in the area) take their seats.

Steven McKenzie has directed a brilliant production of children performing for children; including beautiful vocals and harmonies overseen by vocal coach Lindsay Owen. Partnered with sleek, polished dancing created by choreographer Maeghan McKenzie.

Victoria Discovers would like to give a special mention to Principals Zeke Ashby (Henry) and Rahnee Parker (Puss) for their brilliant stage presence and audience interaction.

The whole cast and crew have worked incredibly hard to put together an upbeat, fun, family friendly production which is perfect for escaping Melbourne’s unpredictable summer weather. However, tickets are selling quickly and the show is set to finish on 18th January. Victoria Discovers strongly reccomends booking early to avoid disappointment.


  1. What a great review. We saw the show yesterday and were blown away. My wife Donna (script writer) and I at Adlib Entertainment love theatre companies and schools producing our shows. We have written 16 children’s musicals and love watching children laughing and dancing along. Glad you enjoyed it too. Peter Dowler (Song writer)

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