Room on a Broom

Victoria Discovers was invited to review the much loved, award winning, stage production of Room On The Broom which is based on the childrens book written by Julia Donaldson and Alan Schaffer. Therefore with an “Iggerty, ziggety, zaggary” we Zoomed our way to the Athenaeum Theatre Melbourne to see the witch for ourselves…

Room On A Broom is the story of a friendly witch who invites a range of animals onto her broomstick to fly with her to the ” Back of Beyond”.

Though is the boom able to hold the weight if all of the witches new friends????

CDP Productions have once again produced another child friendly musical masterpiece. The 55 minute show includes bright colourful costumes, award winning songs, audience participation aswell as plenty of fun, smiles, music and laughter.

Room on the Broom is a brilliantly charming children’s production aimed for children 3 years plus. Though our beloved Witch is only going to be in Melbourne until 15th January so make sure to catch her before she flys away….

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