Situated in the foothills of the closest Alpine resorts to Melbourne. During the winter months Marysville becomes a winter wonderland for the snow sport enthusiastic. However, Victoria Discovers took a road trip during the warmer months to see some of the incredible sights this town has to showcase.

During our day trip, Victoria Discovers was able to visit Steavenson Falls, Yellow Park Picnic Area and Keppel Lookout. However, we had not even scratched the surface of this incredible town as a quick stop into the incredibly helpful tourist information centre demonstrated.

Marysville was severely damaged during the Black Saturday bushfires of 2009. But this real life phoenix has risen back from the ashes to return to its remarkable glory. Though a few of her scars do still remain.

Victoria Discovers intends to return soon to explore more of Marysville and her surroundings…

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