Little Red Riding Hood – Pantomime Productions

Victoria Discovers was invited by our friends at Pantomime Productions to see their latest smash hit production of Little Red Riding Hood. The story of a little girl, a big bad wolf and lots of audience participation….

Pantomime Productions have a long history of producing fun filled family shows. A safe environment where children are allowed to be children. To experience the magic of a fairytail, boo at the bad guy, cheer with the hero and of course live happily ever after.

Aimed towards young children, Pantomime Productions have made sure that the big bad wolf isn’t too scary and even provided complementary fairybread at the intival.

With Melbourne’s ever unpredictable weather, Little Red Riding hood is the perfect escape families wishing to escape the elements.

A fantastic team plus a fantastic cast equals a fantastic time.

Hurry as it is only showing till Saturday….

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