Gunners Cottage Car Park to Fort Nepean

Victoria Discovers headed down to the very end of the Mornington Peninsula to check out where the first shot of WW1 was fired, where the bay meets the bass straight and where the scenery will take your breath away.

Our Journey began in Gunners Cottage Car Park, where we took the 2.8km walk to get to Fort Nepean. It is worth mentioning that walk is a tarmac road which makes it suitable for prams, bike scooters etc. However, some of the gradients are steep making the walk a little challenging for young children or those needing a walking aids. But there is a shuttle bus available at a cost.

Victoria Discovers would strongly recommend the walk for those able to do so as some of the sights including Harold Holt Memorial (the Prime minister who simply vanished while swimming) are truly magnificent.

Including Fort Pearce;

And the sensational scenery;

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