À Ố Làng Phố


Victoria Discovers were invited to the opening night of À Ố Làng Phố at Arts Center Melbourne.

Created by the founders of Nouveau Cirque du Vietnam, A O Lang Pho (which translates to ‘village to city’) is a bamboo circus like nothing you have ever seen before.

Forget the laws of gravity, forget human limitations, forget everything you ever though was impossible and watch these incredible acrobats break every law of physics and biology you have ever been taught.

This spectacular display of anatomic agility is only in Melbourne for 3 nights 27-29 Feb (leaving just 2 nights left). Tickets are still available, however word is out about how incredible this performance is so all remaining tickets are selling fast. Victoria Discovers would strongly recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

Images supplied by Nguyễn Thế Dương

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