Giddy Up – Caribbean Market

Victoria Discovers is huge fan of all animals and animal experiences so when Giddy Up invited us to come and ride some of their ponies at the Caribbean Market, we simply couldn’t wait.

One of our younger representative chose to ride the beautiful and also rather short (which is far less intimidating for younger children) Pinkie Pie.

Our representative was provided with a horse riding helmet before being helped by staff to mount her cute new friend.

Our representative experienced three laps before posing for a historical photo with some of the other Victoria Discovers representatives. Cowboy/girl hats where provided for extra fun.

After our representative had disembarked, the fun was still not over. We were given carrots to feed our new hoofed friends.

Though I’m not sure who enjoyed the experience more? Victoria Discovers or the ponies?

Please note all rides are only in operation on Sundays and school holidays.

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