Wildlife Coastal Cruises – Whole Day Wilsons Prom

Wilsons Prom Cruise

Victoria Discovers were invited by our friends at Wildlife Coastal uCruises to attend one of their full day (9 hour) tours around Wilsons Prom Cruise. What an experience, what wonderment, what a phenomenal cruise.

Victoria Discovers arrived at Welshpool Jetty to board our vessel. Little did we know that we were about to embark upon a journey of a lifetime around some of Victoria’s most beautiful and unspoilt coastlines.

Wildlife Coast Cruises is just that; A cruise to enjoy mother nature’s incredible wildlife and coastal beauty. Being huge animal lovers, Victoria Discovers were ecstatic to witness common dolphins playing and racing with the boat.

As well as thousands of seals using the rocks as water slides to splash into the water below.

While we also got to experience thousands of Shearwaters all feeding together. Now Victoria Discovers would like to stress that wildlife is just that life that; wild. So there is no guarantee of seeing anything.

We also got to see the most southern point of mainland Australia.

And one of the most majestic and humbling rock formations we have ever seen – Skull Rock.

All the while being looked after by the fantastic, friendly, knowledgeable and informative crew.

A Victoria Discovers personal highlight of the trip was being taken a shore at refuge cove. Which is only accessible by boat or by hiking over the stunning mountains.

Wildlife Coast Cruises have once again completely blown Victoria Discovers away with their local knowledge, respect for the environment and dedication to showcase our beloved Gippsland coastline in all its magnificent glory.

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