Puffing Billy – Belgrave to Lakeside


Victoria Discovers were invited to take a ride on one of the world’s most favorite and preserved steam railways. Proudly running right here in Victoria’s very own Dandenong Ranges for 120 years. Of course, we are talking about the one and only Puffing Billy.

Puffing Billy runs a range of trips and specialities (Please refer to Puffing Billy website for further information). However, on this occasion Victoria Discovers took a return trip from Belgrave to Lakeside.

It is worth noting that there are toilets located on every platform, however, there are no toilets located on any of the trains. Victoria Discovers top tip, “Go before you leave or at least try”.

The incredible journey from Belgrave to Lakeside takes just over 1 hour and includes the magnificent scenery of the Dandenong Ranges.

There are scheduled stops at various stations along the way including Menzies, home to the Puffing Billy museum with free entry with every train ticket purchased.

Victoria Discovers did disembark at Lakeside and enjoyed a freshly made coffee at Lakeside Station Cafe. Which sells a range of snacks and beverages.

All too soon, we were on our return leg back to Belgrave but not before taking in some more of the magic that only Billy can create.

Puffing Billy is a delight to everyone lucky enough to see it. Even those who are caught at its level crossing still smile and wave at the train full of beaming passengers as the train choo choos by.

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