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Victoria Discovers took a trip down to the Mornington Peninsula to check out the views of Port Phillip Bay from Arthurs Seat. What we discovered was a collection of serenity and wonderment.

Located between the Eagle Gondolas and the Enchanted Gardens, Victoria Discovers turned into the large free car park of Seawinds Gardens picnic area.

The area offers picnic tables, BBQ, toilets and a children’s play area. (Please note that due to the Covid-19 Pandemic these facilities are currently out if service).

The Seawinds Gardens showcases some of the most magnificent views of Port Phillip Bay from Bay Lookout.

As well as Northern Lookout.

Seawinds Gardens also hosts some of the incredible sculptures of William Rickett’s collection.

Also an outstanding collection of Indigenous plants and trees in the Indigenous Garden.

Though do make sure to keep your eyes peeled for local wildlife.

Victoria Discovers chose to take the Summit Circuit walk, which is a 1.8km easy to follow track.

Through we must stress that this walk does include some steep steps which may be unsuitable for those using prams and walking aids.

Though the Seawind Gardens are suitable for all to enjoy

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